Homefolk Media

Homefolk Media is a small company whose focus is helping small business connect with customers.

Whether it's a monthly newsletter, a brochure, advertising campaign, YouTube training videos, or other needs, Homefolk Media can help you manage your online marketing.

Most small businesses have a social media presence, but does that presence bring new customers or is it simply something you THINK your supposed to do.

Homefolk Media helps


Website design and maintenance ~ this includes:
Design meetings with client to determine needs and expectations
Domain name registration (the name of your website) and hosting
One year of updates
Photography ~ Custom photography for website, advertising, promotions

Brochures ~ Show your products and services to potential customers with handout brochures, or electronic format suitable for sharing via email.

Social Media Consulting ~ Learn how to effectively use social media to engage customers, instead of annoy them. Learn the ins and outs of "permission marketing" which drives business to your door instead of to the doors of your competition.

Small Business Marketing ~ Learn basic tools and techniques to get the word out about your products and services.

Instructional Design ~ Learn to do "How To" videos distributed via YouTube to show people the value of your product and services.


Phone: 205-648-9952
Cell 205-706-9990
Email: rick@homefolkmedia.com

Snailmail: Rick Watson
310 Stacks Bottom Road
Empire, Al. 35063